Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The State of Me

I feel like you guys are all worried about me since I wrote some sad posts back in January/February and haven't given an update.*

Well, here's the deal. I have recalibrated my system to expect a lower level of happiness on a daily basis. It's less acute now than right after the first shock of Eric leaving and living alone, but it is more wearing, exhausting after all this time. 

I think I would be better off, though, if it hadn't snowed this morning. The weather affects my mood, for serious. Looking out the window this morning nearly brought tears to my eyes. I need the sun, Indiana! Please! Gone are the days of happy, cozy snow. Snow in March is a harsh, mean creature.

So there is weather, long-distance, and also the mounting responsibility that I have at school and in life (wedding/jobs) which I feel ill-equipped to handle. 


I will now put my small violin back in its tiny case and resume posting about dresses and kale and pie.



*Totally made-up guess. I wouldn't know what you readers think since YOU ARE ALL LURKERS. Dudes, your comments don't have to be insightful or witty or interesting or even full sentences! Seeing "0 comments" is starting to wear on me. Just...write something? Kthxbai.


  1. I LOVE your posts - just so you know, you have one faithful reader out there!

    -Your Cuz, Amber

  2. Huzzah, a comment!! Thanks Amber :) Also, thanks for blogrolling me--I think I owe like 75% of my readership to you.

  3. I too have stayed updated with your blog :) That's how we knew about Eric's big move!! Hang in there - the wedding will be here before you know it and when it gets here that will mean that everything else has come to a complete as well. Just keep your head up and if you need anything we are just a phone call away