Monday, March 28, 2011

I walked onto an elevator in my school's building today. It occured to me that the doors seemed stuck open when I walked in, and that one of our elevators had been out of order just the other day. I stepped onto it anyway, and pressed "4" and thought "What if this elevator gets stuck?... Well, that might be nice."

Yes, today I wanted to get stuck in an elevator. Stuck in an elevator I could just lie down and nap maybe, and wait to get rescued. Someone would rescue me for sure, so it isn't so dire. And I could just rest in the meantime, and no one would expect me to do work. If I didn't turn in something, I could just say, "Oh, well yesterday I got stuck in the elevator." That all sounded really nice.

Is it a bad sign about the state of your life if you desire to get stuck in an elevator? Probably, huh?

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