Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writer Love: Cary Tennis

Hey there. I've been gone awhile and I'm sorry. I have some posts both thoughtful and frivolous in my head that may never be realized because I am deep in the cave of midterms and by the time I emerge next Wednesday who knows what will have happened to those lovely thoughts?

Anyway, this little post is simply to share with you the brilliance of Cary Tennis, who writes the Since You Asked advice column on Salon.com. I particularly loved his response to today's letter, and thus I was inspired to this post. Enjoy. I'll be back in earnest soon, but let Cary and the Since You Asked archives keep you company in the meantime.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Restaurant Love...and some thoughts on feminism?

Tonight I had a fabulous dinner in Bloomington. For no particular reason, we went to dinner. Which I think is the best reason to go out to dinner, personally. It was at FARMbloomington, and the place is more or less tailor-made for me. Some evidence: there I was, eating pumpkin bisque which had a hint of spiciness, and a BLT that they made with no tomato (with no complaints and it was still a substantial meal--it had goat cheese and avocado!), and sipping a whiskey mixed drink that tasted strong but looked fabulous and had I come at a different time would have included a candied ginger stick (they were out). So there I was, yummy food, when I look over my left shoulder and see: A VINTAGE STOVE.

So I think I have proved my point.

Anyway, here's the other thing about tonight. I got dressed up to go out, in a casual sort of way. No dress, just my favorite jeans and new sweater and my favorite bracelet and a new necklace that I created from other necklaces (DIY tip: if you have a necklace chain that you want to make longer, just attach another small one two it! People might notice and think its weird, who knows, but I think it works). I also wore my fab $8 Target heels. Now I really love high heels. Sometimes I put on heels to do household tasks to make them feel more exciting. No really, I do this. I also just wear them for the hell of it, to the movies, or whatever, sometimes. I love heels. I especially love them if they are really high and shiny or a crazy color. Whatever, the point is, I am very girly about heels. But there is this weird trend in feminism I have found, that thinks that heels are some sort of symbol of how culture makes women wear ridiculously impractical shoes to keep them stuck in their sex symbol status and not be serious members of society. That may be true. But all I know is, that just a minute ago I put in a load of laundry, heels still on, and I felt great. So there's that.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Needed

Dearest readers, I am feeling quite woozy and it is entirely my fault. When I am smart, I bring a sandwich or some other sustenance to eat for earlydinner in between work and my 5:30 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today, for unknown reasons (cause I did nothing much but arrange my future class schedule this morning), I failed myself and have brought no food.

Thus far today I have eaten: cereal (at like 12:30pm), chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. You see, my work place is lovely and has copious amounts of bite size chocolates available to munch on during the day. Today, there was even a Milky Way Midnight and an obscene amount of Whoppers. MY FAVES. It doesn't take a genius to deduce that I may have eaten beyond the recommended amount. So now I have like nothing but non-complex carbs in my system and its problematic.

6:45 (when my class ends and I can go home to leftover red beans and rice...yummm....) cannot come soon enough.

In other news, kids, fall has arrived here in Indiana and I am so excited to be breaking out my sweaters and scarves and partaking of warm beverages!

'Tis all for now-- wish me luck in not fainting during management class!