Monday, June 21, 2010

Metro Music

So everyday at Farragut North someone is playing music as I get off the metro in the morning. I have paused to think about it, mostly because I wonder how the street musicians divvy up who goes when where. Because almost always, its only 1 musician and a different musician daily. Which seems very well-organized and very convenient for us office drones getting off the metro to have that musical variety in our mornings. But beyond that, it didn't occupy too much of my mental space.

However. Today, there was no music.

No music! It made me sad.

I think this means I have to bring some cash tomorrow to tip them.

Maybe this is part of the uber-organized Street Musician Association's plan, taking the NPR Fund Drive tactic of taking away your entertainment so you realize you miss it and donate. You never know.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Friends, awhile back I posted about how I loved Cary Tennis' column on Salon. Because I do. But sadly Cary took a break from Salon while undergoing cancer treatment. But while I was on vacation these last weeks: voila! Cary is back! Still writing in the crazy way I love so dearly because it is just not what you can read anywhere else. I think Cary is a bold writer. He always has these intense thoughts about who we are and why we live and how we act out our anxieties and these ideas are so far removed from what most of us think about on a daily basis but he just writes them down. Doesn't bother to temper them with doses of the quotidian or justify how abnormal they may be. So anyway, go read Salon.

The other blog news of the day is that I am sadly becoming un-enamored with Smitten Kitchen. The photos are still great, but I have now made 3 of her recipes and none of them came out very good (asparagus and goat cheese pasta, blackberry crumb bars, and baked rigatoni with tiny meatballs). I may just not be quite advanced enough in the kitchen, and to be fair I did have to do some adjusting of the recipes based on what I had in my fridge/pantry at the time. The real trouble came today though, when I attempted the rigatoni dish. Friends, I had only minor mishaps, but the thing took THREE HOURS. Three. Hours. Of. Cooking. And it was decent. But if I spend 3 hours in the kitchen ever again I better come out with a Thanksgiving dinner or a gourmet dish. I think the Bon Appetit short rib sandwich took a really long time too, but at the end of that endeavor I ate the best sandwich of my life (except for that Craftwich one).

Okay, off to bed.