Friday, March 11, 2011


I am in Atlanta for wedding-related tasks this weekend. For some reason, getting the logistics settled and figuring out all the details of what happens when on the day has made me full-on EXCITED for this wedding.

I was always excited, but that was always mixed with a strong dose of "holy sh*t how am i going to make this happen omg ahhh." There was that blissful just-got-engaged period of time where I was nothing but "yay!!!!!!!"and now I feel it coming full circle as decisions have been decided, fights have been fought, plans have been made. All I have left to do is craft my ass off.

And all I have left is excitement.

And this post, which I wrote for when the "omg ahhh"s come back to me and I need to simmer down and enjoy.*

*You guys didn't think I wrote this blog so YOU could read it, did you? Sorry, y'all, this is a self-involved endeavor. Or it will be until the day that you lurkers start commenting.

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