Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life List: #24

24. Play Texas Hold'em in Vegas.

I had 23 items on my life list when I first made it, one for each year of my life. I have since turned 24, so it was time to add one more goal. I wasn't sure what to add until I talked to my brother this weekend, who just won big at the poker table on his Vegas vacation, and I remembered my last trip to Vegas. On that trip I was all excited to play poker, but when the time came I got very intimidated by the whole thing, Vegas being the big-time and all, and only played craps instead. And got pretty lucky at the craps table, actually, so the decision wasn't all bad. But I love Texas Hold'em and the only time I ever played for money, I took 5 boys for $2 each, bringing in a whole $10! What what. So clearly, I need to be brave, go to Vegas, and win some more money.

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