Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Donut Peach Crisp

I know.

You thought for a minute there that I was a culinary genius and had come up with a way to turn Krispy Kremes and fruit into the end-all-be-all of desserts Actually, I just made a peach crisp last night with some weird little peaches from Whole Foods called donut peaches. Local AND on mega-sale. Win! So these peaches. They were like peaches but squished flat and looked like apples when cut up. They tasted not quite like apples and not quite like peaches but the dessert was tasty anyhow. Even better, now having written this post, they may have inspired me to come up with a dessert that involves glazed donuts made into crust.

Maybe I AM a genius!

What else? Modest goal update= FAIL. Total fail. A few times it wasn't my fault and a few times it was, but all in all I can count my recent coffee-free days on one hand. Actually 2 fingers...

I am on about a 4 day cycle of wedding stress. Every four days or so I totally freak out (on the inside only of course--I am cool and collected and totally together on the outside! *hairflip*) about the fact that I know nothing about my own wedding. Not where, not when, not anything! And I have been engaged for 5 months! (Whoa...five months...) So every four days I go on an online rampage trying to find something to settle on that is within in my control and not dependent on the when or the where of the wedding. Usually this is just me hunting for dresses on used wedding dress classifieds. Which we all know is pointless because I am not going to drop several hundred bucks sight unseen, no returns allowed. Anyway.

That's what going on with me.

By the way, sorry this blog has become totally boring. Even I am bored. I had big plans to post pictures of the progression of the peach crisp a la Smitten Kitchen, but alas, she has a way better-lit kitchen than I do, because none of my picture attempts turned out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Day

I had no caffeine today! At alllllll. Success of my modest goal. I also ate a super healthy salad for lunch, which was also delicious (love you, Trader Joe's!), but I was sad because it was spicy and caused my random asthma to flare up, so I can't buy it again. I think I am allergic to capsaicin. I can't breathe properly when I eat foods with too much chili pepper. I swear. I never have normal problems.

Anyway. That's really all I have to say.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modest Goals

So I had big plans for this summer.

Before I knew how many hours a day I was going to work, I thought that I would have this chic adult life wherein I woke up early and went running on the mall, came home to make myself delicious food, worked for my outside job several hours a week, and was generally healthy, wealthy and wise. Or, more like--healthy, not broke, and wise.

But these plans were quickly derailed. There are many, many external factors that contributed to the dissolution, but I also accept that I could have and should have overcome more of them. Because I have never been running on the mall, I have cooked my own dinner all of 4 times, and I am just now starting on the outside job.


In an attempt to make a small, but important improvement in those healthy-wealthy-wise measures, I have decided to....

Replace coffee with sleep.

I have yet to adjust my bedtime to my wake up time. Which results in a desperate need for a cool caffeinated beverage each morning to the tune of $1.29 (pretty good for iced coffee, but an unnecessary $1.29 nonetheless). So I am disallowing myself from purchasing coffee during the day. I think I will learn my lesson pretty quick about the bedtime. And I will be healthier and have more $$ in my pockets as a result! So it seems like the wise thing to do.

Perhaps all is not lost for this summer quite yet.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Things Going On

1) Eric was here this weekend. It was very fun. But now he is gone. Which makes me sad. Because I love him. And he has sparkly eyes. Also, he now hates me for saying he has sparkly eyes on my blog. But he DOES. And now they are gone. Boo.

2) Went to fireworks on the mall this 4th of July. I made a strawberry/blueberry trifle and made it look like a flag. Temporarily forgot whether the stripes were red and the stars were on the blue or vice versa. Got very made fun of and called a communist, which I found unfair because--hello, I was making a dessert in a flag design. This was the most American thing I have probably done all year.

3) No pies have been made recently. Chocolate chip zucchini bread was made for an office party. People liked it. Almost certainly because I over-did the chocolate chips and under-did the zucchini. Tips of a master chef, people!

4) Job is great overall, had a bad day today.

5) Summer is flying by with the speed of...something really really fast. But I kind of wish it would fly faster only because today it was 100 degrees and humid. That is just not okay. I realize I complain a lot about the weather, but you must remember--I am from Tucson. It is a strange land. I have grown up with expectations of sunny, dry days and the occasional torrential storms. I am not well suited to extreme conditions other than sauna-style heat.

6) I think we need to go back to the days of WWII-style propaganda. Saw a poster in the American History museum this weekend that encouraged carpooling. The message? "When you ride alone you ride with HITLER!" With a chalk ghost of Hitler sitting next to this non-eco friendly man. Where is that kind of oomph today in our carpooling PSAs?