Friday, January 21, 2011

Cozy Quiet

It snowed all day yesterday, and as I had nowhere in particular to be, I considered myself snowed in and busied myself about the apartment. Usually if I don't leave home all day I am left feeling restless and a little crazy by the end of the day, but yesterday was nice. Partially because I felt like the world was saying, "Shhh...slow down, just rest." Blankets of snow are very peaceful that way (so long as you don't have to contend with them in your vehicle or with your feet.) So I did. I worked some, but I also cleaned up and did laundry and just generally tidied up my life.

And all day, since it was snowing, I had plans to make myself some hot chocolate. I finally got around to it around 6 pm. I had my cocoa, and my blanket, and was on the couch ready to watch the snow when bam! I remembered I needed to make a phone call and I better do it because the work day was about to end. So I took care of that and I settled back into my hot chocolate-drinking but lo and behold, the snow had stopped.

It didn't matter. I just drank my cocoa, and I looked outside at the trees and the apartment building across the way, and it was so quiet. All I could hear was the din of the heater and the clicking that comes from one wall in our kitchen (it confuses me too). So I sat, and did nothing but drink cocoa until my mug was empty.

I felt so much better. After the week I'd had, with my mind with thoughts and to-do lists and exhaustion, 15 minutes of nothing but snow and chocolate was just what the doctor ordered.

I'm going to try to just sit and do nothing for a few minutes--really and truly nothing, not "surf the internet pointlessly" nothing--every day.

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