Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Love (Kind of): Slate's Political Facebook Feeds

For awhile there, I read everything there was to read on You have probably noticed, as I have brought your attention to a thing or two over there. I've lost my obsessive interest in it and have dramatically reduced how much I read on it, though I still check it many, many times each day.

...moment of self-reflection for how messed-up that statement is, especially 'cause it is pure truth...

I need Internet rehab.



But the one thing Slate does that I still just 100% adore is their mock Barack Obama Facebook feeds. Probably because I am a nerd. But c'mon!
"John Allen Muhammad
sent a friend request to the Supreme Court.
John Roberts: Yeah, no."

Comedy gold!!

Shut up, it has more effect with the Facebooky formatting.

Anyway, check it out: Here's the most recent one, and then this post has all the past feeds.

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