Sunday, December 6, 2009


It is cold here now.

I don't think I really understood the concept of cold before moving here. Because it would become cold in the other places that I lived, but here it just IS cold. All the time. I heard a weather report today and they predicted 2 degrees of difference between the high and the low. What is that about? I put on my heaviest coats and the cold goes right through 'em. I feel very ill-equipped to deal with the cold.

To make myself feel better about the whole thing I bought UGGS, in part because I knew it was some way to combat the cold, and in part because I had a Saks gift card in the exact amount that these UGG moccasins cost and pretty much nothing else at Saks was remotely affordable, even with the card. That store is straight up ridiculous. But anyway, I had quite a traumatic experience trying to get my UGGs, and I ended up ordering them in purple, because they ran out of my size in the other colors I wanted. I feel ambivalent about the purple. On the one hand, the point of warm shoes is to wear them, like, for the entire winter. You shouldn't have to coordinate outfits around them. On the other hand, I wear a lot of neutrals, especially in winter, and since I am buying the ultimate conformist winter shoe, maybe it's good that I at least got them in a weird color? I don't know, but in any event they should arrive on my doorstep soon, and at least my feet will be warm.

The good thing about the cold is that it actually makes you want to stay in the library longer, to delay the inevitable of facing the icy air.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow.

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