Friday, November 20, 2009

Pop Culture Thoughts

First, an update on my life:
I have two goals for this weekend/really not a weekend since I don't have class Monday so more like pre-Thanksgiving trip time:
1) stop having a cold
2) finish my policy brief

This may sound simple but it is going to be a challenge.

Now to the culture:

- Since this blog is Waitress-inspired, I feel compelled to tell you that on Wednesday I saw We Were Soldiers which stars Keri Russell, among others (including Jon Hamm!!). The only other thing really noteworthy about the movie-watching experience is that there was a horrrrrrrrrendously traumatizing shot of a guy's skin being pulled off after he had been burned from an explosion. I had to read Hiroshima in 8th grade and there was a description of this woman's hand that had the skin peeled off that was so vivid and awful and I have never fully recovered from reading it. And now I have the visuals to go along with it. THANKS, We Were Soldiers.

-The Project Runway finale was super boring and I was quite underwhelmed by the collections. I came in rooting for Carol Hannah and she had some great pieces but it just didn't come together as a collection. Every piece was so disparate and I didn't see the connections between the colors that she was going for. Also that one outfit with the blue satin hood situation was really offensive to my eyes. But I do want to own that upside-down triangle dress. Irina's collection was fine but it was nothing new, and though it's been said many times, I liked the collection better when Jillian did it. Out of no where though, I found myself rooting for Althea to win! What? I dunno, her collection was cohesive without being all one color (Irina) and I SO want to own that giant blue sweater thing. But alas, it was not to be. The only time my favorite has won has been with Leanne and Chloe. And in reruns, I agree with Jay's win.

- I really want to see An Education but I don't think it's going to get to Bloomington. :/

- I could really do without the Twilight frenzy. Mostly because when I see the New Moon previews I am annoyed at how shoddy the CGI wolves look. Also, Taylor Swift: I have issues with you dating Taylor Laudner. You have the same name. This is not acceptable. I mean, who was the last famous person to date someone with her same name? Paris Hilton. One should be diligent about avoiding all things Paris Hilton has done in her life.

And one more thought:

What the HELL is going on with oncology right now?!?!?

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