Friday, November 13, 2009

Poem from the Indianapolis Airport Gate A13 Window

Night has settled,
draping this suspended, metal-winged bird
in gentle darkness,
Inside stillness breathes,
perched between the hum and glow
of a cabin nearly asleep.

I gaze through a
small plastic-glass window,
my territory for the moment,
resting, reflecting
on news read,
a conversation had,
a journey at hand,
contemplating stars
across a lit and living landscape,
and our small yet perfect place
within them.

How sweetly we slice the two,
Heaven and Earth,
or stitch them together
on our journeys
of destination and heart,
while watchful eyes of earth and sky
wink at each other as they
pass on their rotations.

Aviators, aeronauts,
common travelers all,
we are simply passing through
at our own speed,
in our own way.

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