Sunday, November 15, 2009


I went to Atlanta this weekend! What did I do with my short time there? Well, I think I made the most of it. I saw just about everybody I know who still lives there, except for a few people who were unluckily out of town this weekend. Most of them I saw on purpose but I even had some chance sightings of friends too which was a lovely surprise.

I went to Flip-Flops, which is a bar/dance place in Midtown that I have great affection for despite it's tacky decor and overpriced drinks. I hiked Stone Mountain on possibly the best day for a hike that has ever existed. Ever. I had a family dinner with my SAS fam. I played games, I watched Cake Boss, I made dinner with Trader Joe's food. I went on a scholar dinner, and discovered that, while still very fun, scholar dinners lack a certain something when you know you won't be reimbursed $20. I went to Rise n' Dine, Loehmann's, and the bank. I played with pets, and listened to some adorable kids with Southern accents. It was a good weekend. And despite lack of sleep, I think the big city energy and sunshine I soaked up will make me ready to take on Monday.

ATL Pie: Chicken pot pie with pesto, feta, and sundried tomatoes.

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