Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Six years ago, I had pretty much the worst day ever. It was Valentine's Day, and I always hated Valentine's Day because news flash: sucks to be single on Valentine's Day and sucks even more if you are in high school and they have this awful thing where people send each other carnations and they get delivered in class in this big on-display way and you never get one except maybe your friend sends you one which is nice and all but then someone asks who its from and its all womp, womp again. And after four years of this--you. are. done.

On top of that sucksville, I found out on that day that I had not gotten a scholarship to USC, which was my top choice school, which meant I couldn't go there. Not a good day.

Now today, I am no longer single, and I have friends that send Valentine's to all their friends and have helped me see the holiday as being more as a "Love For Everybody!" day. But regardless of how fun Valentine's Day CAN be, the fact of the matter remains that for many people the day just rubs salt into the wound. My heart still aches for the girl of five years ago and the many more like me, and I still kind of hate Valentine's Day as a result. It has in recent years given me an excuse to go out to dinner, so it has that going for it. But this holiday often becomes about what you don't have, not about celebrating what you do have, and thus I choose to hold on to my lingering antipathy.

But, in the spirit of changing this holiday's nature:

Love to everybody! Here's some flowers:

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