Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is a story about kale

So tonight for dinner, I again returned to the Budget Bytes well and made fish sticks. Yum. I also read this thing today on Salon about kale chips. Kale chips seemed like an appropriate side dish to fish sticks.

I made them both and it was a good dinner and I put some kale chips away for snacking later on. Well...about 5 minutes later I busted that container open and finished off the kale chips in one fell swoop. And as I was shoveling kale chips into my mouth, it occurred to me: I just craved and am gorging on a leafy green vegetable!

The magic of kale chips, ladies and gentleman. Make them, and enjoy your guiltless snacking.


  1. Hi Natalie - On Kale, something new from my latest issue of Fine Cooking magazine.

    Saute thinly sliced onion with tumeric and mustard seeds. Add thinly sliced kale and unsweetened shredded coconut. Cook until kale is just tender. You can finish it with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, salt, and pepper.

    As you know, its just me cooking for one every night. I started sharing meals with a friend that lives near by. We cook up a main entree and share half of it. Its worked very well for both of us. Just a tip that might work for you.

  2. That sounds delicious! I somehow didn't see this comment until now, but thanks for the suggestions!