Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Economists in Love

As Eric knows all too well, since grad school I have picked up the endearing/annoying habit of dropping economics-talk into our everyday life. I am prone to saying things like "It's a sunk cost! Let it go!" or "Really, we just have a problem of asymmetric information here." Charming, right? I think so. I can't speak for him.

Well, this book that just came out--Spousonomics--sounds right up my alley as it talks about how economic principles apply in marriage. So I checked out their blog and there are two lovely things on there that I think you will enjoy.

The first is about how to make your marriage more Pareto efficient-brilliant! Now to move toward Pareto efficiency you have to do something that makes someone happier without making anyone else any worse off. When you get to Pareto efficiency, you cannot change anything without making someone worse off. Now, Pareto efficiency is pretty hard to achieve in real life but if we are a properly operating market we should be moving towards it. An incredibly useful concept in relationship: How can I make you happier without making myself any less happy? (We should even sometimes do things that make us less happy, but let's start with the Pareto efficient things, right?)

The second one, maybe I missed this day in Econ class cause I don't know what economic concept it applies to, but its a list: "Things I Don't Always Want to Do But Never Regret Having Done." I am notorious for failing to floss (or any other such thing) because I never feel like flossing right nowwww, despite the fact that every time I show up at the dentist I really wish I would have flossed more. Yes, in case you were wondering, I still have the mindset of a 9 year old when it comes to these sorts of things.

I am going to try to make these lists for myself and post them on my walls or something. Yay economics.

Oh they have a cute series called Economists in Love on this blog too. It's like finding out what all of my professors are like in real life.


  1. Natalie I just re-found your blog (I found it ages ago, but then I lost it until now) and have now read every post until this point and just wanted to let you know that I adore it. I am glad that you have it so that I can catch up on your life. You are a great writer and I find myself relating with a lot of things you say. The thing I like about this post is what you say about flossing because it is SOOOOO true. I hate flossing also, but whenever I get to the dentist I ALWAYS find myself wishing I'd flossed so I don't have to lie about it. 9 year old indeed.

    You have re-inspired me to take up my blog again. I never fully gave up on it but I've been lacking in inspiration, and I love how your posts are short but still poignant.

    Also this is not from this post but I love the Three Rivers poem you wrote about. I feel sad in my stomach is exactly it.

    I see that you have my blog linked on the side!!!! :-) Thank you!

    Weird question, but have you ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test before? I'm rather obsessed with it and think I know what your personality type is but I'm curious as to what you got.

  2. Amber! Hi! Yes, I linked to you because I like to know the minute someone has a new post up so I can go read it. :)

    Glad you appreciate that poem too. It's so right on.

    I have taken Myers-Briggs and I think I am an INFJ? It's supposedly the rarest one, which made me feel special. I was on the border of INFP though too, if I am remembering right. Did you peg me correctly?

  3. Hmm...just went back and read the descriptions, and I think INFP is actually closer to being right. Maybe I should take the test again--I love tests/surveys :)