Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writer Love: Tim Kreider

I have recently discovered a little something on the New York Times website called Happy Days, a blog about happiness. It is an excellent procrastination read, especially good for when you need a break at work, because what boss can fault you for reading about happiness? By far my favorite posts have been by political cartoonist Tim Kreider, who I think may have missed his calling.

I discovered his writing with this post: Reprieve, about his year of happiness following a near death experience.
Here's my favorite little passage:
"It’s like the revelation I had when I was a kid the first time I ever flew in an airplane: when you break through the cloud cover you realize that above the passing squalls and doldrums there is a realm of eternal sunlight, so keen and brilliant you have to squint against it, a vision to hold onto and take back with you when you descend once more beneath the clouds, under the oppressive, petty jurisdiction of the local weather."

He wrote just the other day about whether we are able to experience happiness, or only remember it: Averted Vision.

And for any David Foster Wallace fans out there, here is a tribute to the writer by Kreider.

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