Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Television Love: Top Chef Masters

Tonight is the season finale of Top Chef Masters. This is a spin-off of Top Chef in which well-established chefs, many of whom have been judges on regular Top Chef, are pitted against each other. There were 6 semifinal episodes where the winner moved on, and then in the finals one person gets booted each week. I absolutely love this show and recommend to all who have not seen it to go turn on Bravo immediately, because they are almost certainly running a marathon of past episodes.

I have been a fan of Bravo's competition reality shows--Project Runway and Top Chef. But Top Chef Masters is heads and shoulders above these two, because even though there is a competition involved, the competitors are such pros that they don't resort to any schemy tactics to win, but mostly they help each other out and just praise each others' work. It's this lovely collegial atmosphere. On a reality show!

One of the main reasons to watch is one Hubert Keller, who runs Fleur de Lys restaurant in San Francisco (where I soooo want to eat now), among other restaurants. He is an awesome old French man with the accent and long grey hair and he is completely charming. Plus he rocks all the challenges, such as creating an 18 dish buffet last week. 18 dishes! Hubert FTW!

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