Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some updating on my blog whilst watching reality shows on CBS

Tomorrow, I embark on the first official day of grad school, but it is just orientation, so I am not so stressed about it. I have a looong week of it, but at the end I will actually know which classes I am taking, so that's good.

I went out for Mexican food tonight with all of my housemates, since all of us have finally moved in. The house still doesn't seem crowded, by some miracle.

Also, I have become really obsessed with FarmVille, this game on Facebook where you build a farm. It's getting a little out of hand, but hey, now I'm at level 10! I have a feeling that my addiction will quickly come to an end as soon as have some actual things to do, instead of just finding ways to kill time like I have been the last week. It's been very relaxing and all, but also...I have been spending a lot of time virtually farming, which I think is a good sign its time to get some activities.

Pre-Graduate School Pie: peaches, candied pecans, Cool Whip, cinnamon, lattice top crust.


  1. Will you have to stop eating pre-graduate school pie when you start classes?

  2. natalie!!!!! it's me, nikita. i saw your blog link on gmail and will now be keeping up with your life via the internet:)

  3. My friend Shlee is also obsessed with FarmVille and was trying to convince me that it was actually a fun game. I am not convinced, but I worry about adding it to my Facebook in case it actually is really fun and I get addicted.