Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retail Love: Madewell and Martin & Osa

While in LA to visit Alycia, we went shopping at Century City. It created two retail loves.

Madewell: I believe this store is some kind of J Crew off-shoot, but it fits my style much better than J Crew. It might be a little hipster-y, but its mostly just comfy basics that look cute without trying. At full price, it is outside the realm of my shopping budget, but I have now been there twice, and both times all their sale merchandise was an additional 40% off. And it wasn't one of those sale racks where you look and think there is a good reason it is all on sale. This time, I got a great navy sweater and a cute T with drawings of garden pots all for less than $20. The sad news about Madewell is there are very few of them, and definitely none in the state of Indiana. But scarcity is part of the appeal, isn't it?


Martin & Osa jeans: For far too long, I was in a jeans slump. I had a fancy pair (blackish skinny ones from Anthropologie) and two crappy pairs (wide leg ones from Target with a paint stain, and ancient old jeans that used to be nice but were now incredibly frayed, and didn't ever quite fit right). I had nothing in the middle. No jeans to just wear with some flip-flops and a shirt and go to class looking like you put some thought into yourself that morning. So I had long since started wearing my fancy ones way too much, and they had begun to fray and it was a bad situation.

In the summer I had been able to get away with it a little more, but fall was imminent. I found some jeans to hold me over at an American Eagle sale, but they weren't juuuust right. And then--Martin and Osa. These jeans are perfect, they feel like they were actually made to fit my body, not too long, not too short, not too fancy, not too casual, and in a nifty teal-ish color to boot. I love them. I love them so much I haven't worn them yet. I am saving them for the first day of school, because I am still 13.


(I have Osa Slim jeans, but I'm not sure if the exact type is available online now, because they were on sale in the store.)

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