Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Social Media

Yesterday, I made a LinkedIn profile. I was instantly overwhelmed by emails about new connections and tried to improve my profile but couldn't figure out the import resume feature and eventually gave up.

I am also considering making a Twitter account. I feel like the oldest lady ever when I look at Twitter and see all the @s and the #s and just stare at them in confusion.

When did I become such an old fogey? 

Update: Look to your right--I did it! Tweeting* and even adding it as a widget, fools! Welcome to the 21st century, me. 

Update x 2: Have now used @s and #s in tweets. Remains to be seen if I am using them properly, but it's progress.

*At first I wrote "twittering." Still ironing out the kinks.


  1. a. major ditto. i don't get twitter. at all.
    b. i am totally guilty of lurking!!
    c. can't wait to see you in may....

  2. Haha the timing of your comment is impeccable. I JUST set up a twitter in an attempt to understand that world.

    Hmm, I feel like calling it "a twitter" makes it obvious I don't know what I'm doing.

  3. haahahah you are funny. just discovered your blog - twitter is really intimidating at first! I had an account for a couple years and never used it. but now there are zillions of apw types chatting away on there, it's more fun. you'll get the hang of it! :) I'm going to go send you a follow request now.. :)

  4. dday-my first non-real-life-friend follower! i am honored. and reminded to add you to my blogroll. annnnd to stop lurking on your blog (i'm a hypocrite).

  5. oooh I'm on a blogroll! weeeee! :)