Sunday, April 3, 2011


Some people care a whole lot about details, and the parties they throw usually have you ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the small little touches they put on the event. I am not one of those people, but there are a few details that I have worked into the wedding that I am excited about.

Here's one of them: 

Vintage Silverware Silver Plated Wedding Dessert Forks Eat Cake Bride Groom Mr Mrs

I bought these on Etsy (from vendor Woodenhive), and on the handle they have our wedding date. I like mementos that you can incorporate into your everyday life. I really like to get art when I travel for this reason--you hang it on the wall and you see it every day and are reminded of another place and time. I like the idea of us eating with these forks for birthdays or for Christmas or just for any-ol' dinner and thinking about smashing cake in each other's faces, long ago.

I really want our guestbook to be something like this too, something we can hang up or use or something. I don't want to have this special thing end up packed away in a box somewhere. I also want people to be able to do more than sign their name, and I can't seem to find a guestbook or "guestbook alternative" that accomplishes this goal.

Anyone have ideas?

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  1. We have a picture frame that people signed, but I have yet to hang it up :)We also have friends that had black rocks all over a table with silver markers and people wrote well wishes on the rocks and tossed them into a large vase - the couple then got a few smaller vases and have them placed around their house - I thought this was a cute idea