Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Well, it is labor day, a national holiday, and yet I am about to go to class in about an hour. Why IU still schedules class on this day is beyond me, really, but we do get an extra day off at Thanksgiving, so I guess it can be forgiven. It is especially irksome, though, because all of the program offices are closed, so I can't forget about it being Labor Day and am instead taunted by other people's three day weekend while I finish up my reading on legal reasoning.

So far grad school has been mostly good. I have one class that is enormously frustrating, because the assignments are very unclear and so far we have had no lecture so no one knows what is going on or what we are supposed to know. The best thing, though, is that some of the things I learned in undergrad are actually really useful in graduate school. After taking the GRE and looking at my class schedule, I was honestly convinced that I was starting from scratch, and since so much of undergrad is about learning how to be an academic person, and I have very poor memory for details, I just didn't have much hope. But, no! I have a law class that my Civil Liberties class was a great background for, and thank GOD I took Econ 101. Come to think of it, both of these classes were things I took in the last semester of my senior year, so I guess its good I didn't decide to graduate early and got things together before I left college.

Right now I am sitting near the cafe in my building and they are grinding coffee. It smells fantastic, and makes me miss working at the Green Bean.

Okay I better finish that reading on legal reasoning. Ciao!

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