Wednesday, September 16, 2009


BIG BROTHER SPOILERS AHEAD! Ashley and Ty, you have been warned.

I heard somewhere that the word of the year/decade/something was "plutoed." As in, got demoted like Pluto got demoted from planethood.

I have a suggestion for a similar word, and though it may not be as timely as plutoed, I think it fills an important void in our language: gumped. This verb shall be used to describe someone who has inadvertently landed themselves in a fortuitous situation, as in, duh, Forrest Gump.

I can't take credit for this word, and revealing the original source of this word will embarrass me, but for you dear readers, I will soil my reputation. Here's the story: Last night was the finale of Big Brother. I had not even understood the premise of this show, which is 11 seasons old, until my housemates maliciously got me into it. I was pretending for awhile that I was only watching to be sociable since other people were watching, but last night I watched the 2 hour finale allll by myself (Tivoed down to 1hour 15 min, but still). No one else was even home. No more pretending to be above it after that.

So anyway, in the finale Jordan and Kevin competed for the power to evict the last houseguest. The competition went down to a tiebreaker, the answer to which was 51. Jordan guessed 50. Now Jordan has proven herself to be not the most mathematically inclined. Last time a similar competition arised, she guessed 224 when the answer was 90something. So after the show, I went on some message boards (I knowwwww) and someone said that Jordan had Forrest Gumped herself into the win.

So that is the story. Let's just brush over my pathetic involvement in a show I didn't want to watch in the first place.

I think the word is AWESOME. So many people must be gumping all the time but no one has had a word to describe it, so the phenomenon has gone undetected.

This post is a waste of your time, I realize. Sorry.

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