Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Needed

Dearest readers, I am feeling quite woozy and it is entirely my fault. When I am smart, I bring a sandwich or some other sustenance to eat for earlydinner in between work and my 5:30 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today, for unknown reasons (cause I did nothing much but arrange my future class schedule this morning), I failed myself and have brought no food.

Thus far today I have eaten: cereal (at like 12:30pm), chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. You see, my work place is lovely and has copious amounts of bite size chocolates available to munch on during the day. Today, there was even a Milky Way Midnight and an obscene amount of Whoppers. MY FAVES. It doesn't take a genius to deduce that I may have eaten beyond the recommended amount. So now I have like nothing but non-complex carbs in my system and its problematic.

6:45 (when my class ends and I can go home to leftover red beans and rice...yummm....) cannot come soon enough.

In other news, kids, fall has arrived here in Indiana and I am so excited to be breaking out my sweaters and scarves and partaking of warm beverages!

'Tis all for now-- wish me luck in not fainting during management class!


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