Sunday, July 11, 2010

Modest Goals

So I had big plans for this summer.

Before I knew how many hours a day I was going to work, I thought that I would have this chic adult life wherein I woke up early and went running on the mall, came home to make myself delicious food, worked for my outside job several hours a week, and was generally healthy, wealthy and wise. Or, more like--healthy, not broke, and wise.

But these plans were quickly derailed. There are many, many external factors that contributed to the dissolution, but I also accept that I could have and should have overcome more of them. Because I have never been running on the mall, I have cooked my own dinner all of 4 times, and I am just now starting on the outside job.


In an attempt to make a small, but important improvement in those healthy-wealthy-wise measures, I have decided to....

Replace coffee with sleep.

I have yet to adjust my bedtime to my wake up time. Which results in a desperate need for a cool caffeinated beverage each morning to the tune of $1.29 (pretty good for iced coffee, but an unnecessary $1.29 nonetheless). So I am disallowing myself from purchasing coffee during the day. I think I will learn my lesson pretty quick about the bedtime. And I will be healthier and have more $$ in my pockets as a result! So it seems like the wise thing to do.

Perhaps all is not lost for this summer quite yet.

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